We are the Environmental Science students of Elgin High and we invite you to participate in our movement to raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity.

We are the Environmental Science students of Elgin High and we invite you to participate in our movement to raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity.

First and foremost, Welcome to the homepage of  the National Biodiversity Teach-In!

We are the students and teachers of the Environmental Science classes at Elgin High School and this is our project to raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity.

We became passionate about biodiversity through the story of Martha, the last known living Passenger Pigeon who died on September 1st, 1914. In honor of Martha, we are  hosting a National Biodiversity Teach In to mark the 100th anniversary of Martha’s death.

We are hosting a series of webinars with professionals from all over the country. These webinars will take place each Friday in February of 2016.


If you are a classroom teacher….we want you!

The following are the faces of just a few of the students who organized and implemented the 1st National Biodiversity Teach-In held in September of 2014:

The Faces of Our Movement.

The Faces of Our Movement.

They are focusing on the Red Tape Movement.

They are focusing on the Red Tape Movement.

Twitter Team

Twitter Team and Media

The Webmasters

The Webmasters

Special Thanks to:

The Elgin Technology Center, whose mission is to create sustainable job and business opportunities for tech professionals and companies located in the greater Elgin area and Illinois, for assisting our class by helping us create the website and with continued assistance and support as we progress through our class project.

Also, to Project Passenger Pidgeon, Joel Greenberg and all of the members of Project Passenger Pigeon for inspiring us to take on this HUGE project to honor Martha and all biodiversity.

And, School District U-46 Laptop Mini-grant program. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Mrs. Jennifer Vincent for helping us secure 30 laptops and webinar equipment. We also need to thank our entire Informational Services Department for your continued Tech Support in our daunting project!

More information on partnering organizations can be found on our “Partners” page.

There are  those people and companies out there who will do what ever it takes to help a group of high school students  become successful.  Shout out to omNovia for agreeing to host our webinars and make our dream a reality!

For more information about this wonderful company go to our Partner’s Page.


22 comments on “Home
  1. Craig Williams says:

    Deb Perryman told me about your Web site. It looks great!

  2. Biodiversity Teachin says:

    Thank you. We are working to up date it further in the next few days. Be sure to check out our “Upcoming Events Page” as we list our webinar speakers. These speakers are still finalizing their presentation but you can still learn about them. We have some great speakers lined up and are very proud.

  3. Marsha Perryman says:

    What an amazing project. Good luck!!!

  4. Biodiversity Teachin says:

    Thank you again, it has been a ton of fun! We would love the link to your osprey cam if you would like to share.

  5. Jen Vincent says:

    Hi everyone! I love this entire project and am so proud to know you all. You are definitely bringing awareness to this important topic. I was at the Peggy Notebaert Museum over the weekend and as I walked through the exhibits I noticed a passenger pigeon and saw the story of how they became extinct (which I already knew from all of you!). I’m also so much more conscious of balloons and making sure they don’t fly away. I’m excited to experience the Teach In!

  6. Donna Nuger says:

    We would love to partner with your group. We have an 4-H Environmental Science Special Interest Club. Part of our mission is to do 4-H Citizen Science doing stream monitoring. Are you interested?

  7. Biodiversity Teachin says:

    Yes, we are interested. In fact if you have a program scheduled for 9/21 or 9/27 we can advertise it for you. We will be trained on stream monitoring in October so we can help after that time.

  8. Biodiversity Teachin says:

    Hi Mrs. Vincent! We are so glad we taught you about the pigeon and about the impact of releasing balloons. You should check out the movie “The Lost Bird” it is related to the exhibit at Peggy Notebaert. We hope you will join us in our classroom to watch the webinars with us!

  9. gary swick says:

    great project. looking forward to learning…

  10. Biodiversity Teachin says:

    Thank you Mr. Swick, it is an honor to have your approval! If the “Friends of the Fox” are hosting any events on 9/21 or 9/27 please let know, we would love to add that to our website.

  11. Hi and Congratulations on moving forward with this project! I teach science and coordinate a Green Team at Larsen. I am eagerly reading your material. I would like to participate with my Green Team students. Please let me know if we can be of any assistance to you!

  12. Biodiversity Teachin says:

    Hi Green TEAM! Awesome! All we need for you to do at this point is to register for the event s you are interested and then help us spread the word! So excited to have you guys on board. Sign up for all of them you have interest. We will be adding more through July so keep checking them out!

  13. Rob Ridley says:

    Eager to participate & promote from the other side of the Great Lakes

  14. Biodiversity Teachin says:

    Thank you so much Mr. Ridely. We are very excited to have you join us. I guess this means we are not just “national” any more.

  15. Ms. Cindy Wendt says:

    I am the outreach educator from Friends of the Fox River Monitoring Network. (Formerly U-46 teacher at Sheridan/O’Neal school. My students were mentored in Mighty Acorns at EHS for more than a decade.)I will be leading u-46 elementary schools in stream water quality monitoring 9/22-9/26. Anyway that can be a part of the teach in?

  16. Biodiversity Teachin says:

    I got this Stuart! Hi Mrs. Wendt- it is Mrs. Perryman- sorry this took so long to get back to you. I would love to figure out a way to do that! We just might be able to make this work- especially on 9/22. Do you have an internet hotspot that you could bring with you to the monitoring site? Email me at school and lets see what we can do?

  17. Eileen Hynes says:

    Is it possible to get a copy of your children’s book about Miss Martha? I’m also wondering if you think your webinars would be interesting for elementary students or are they geared more for high school students.

    I love your project. How long have you been working on it?

    Thank you!

  18. Biodiversity Teachin says:

    We do have webinars for elementary students. If you check out our “Meet our Webinar Presenter” link- you can read all about the webinars. For example- we have Melissa Stewart- author of the children’s book “No Monkey’s, No Chocolate” , also Lindsey Hirt is presenting Marine Mammal Strandings, and Pam Otto is presenting about Blandings Turtles, Ann Fro is presenting on the Biodiversity of Bats, and the Pringle’s are presenting on the Plight of the Monarch. We have tried to have a little of something for everyone! Even if it says middle school or high school- if you feel the topic is appropriate for your students- please register!

  19. Reyna De La Mora says:

    We connected with Martha Stewart. My students enjoyed it and learned how challenging it can be to write a book, yet how rewarding and the importance of earth conservation. They walked away using new vocabulary!! Thanks a million!
    Mrs. De La Mora’s 5th grade Dual Language
    Huff Elementary

  20. Sangeeta Ghumatkar says:

    I am interested in joining biodiversity project

  21. Biodiversity Teachin says:

    Our pleasure….thank you for letting us know! It is important to know that our project made a difference.

  22. Biodiversity Teachin says:

    Hi Sangeeta, our webinars are over for the year but we do plan to post recordings. Check back for those.

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