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December 06, 2017

Dear Readers & Participants:

Our website is currently under renovations in hopes to make navigation more user-friendly. We apologize for any issues that may arise. We are working hard to solve said issues quickly and effectively. Thank you for your patience.

The NBTI Team

Welcome to the homepage of the National Biodiversity Teach-In!


We are the students and teachers of the Environmental Science classes at Elgin High School, and this is our project, that started in 2014, to raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity and to inspire our participants to take action in it's protection.

We became passionate about biodiversity through the story of Martha, the last known living Passenger Pigeon, who died on September 1st, 1914. Our first #NBTI was organized to honor the importance of her death, 100 years prior, and it was a huge success, thanks to the contributions and support of people just like yourself.

Now, three years later, we continue to do these webinars in hopes to inspire more people to help with our cause. We are looking for professionals, legislators, teachers, and anyone who wishes to get involved, participate, and/or make a difference, and help us spread the word about our teach in. Let’s continue this national movement.


If you are interested in learning about Biodiversity....we want you



Thanks to our Partners

 There are  those people and companies out there who will do whatever it takes to help a group of high school students become successful.


“This project is funded, in part, by a grant from the National Geographic Society Education Foundation.”


Shout out to Webinato for agreeing to host our webinars and making our dream a reality

Featured Comments

"Can’t wait to participate again this year! We’re doing 2 different webinars this time."
Patti W.
This amazing program is opening the eyes of my 4th graders and ME! All your hard work is paying off! Thank you!!
Ani S.

 Special Thanks to:

Elgin Technology Center:

For assisting our class by helping us create the website and with continued assistance and support as we progress through our class project.

EarthEcho International

Yo Ocean's

New Science 101:

A free education resource supplement library to  Helping you understand the latest in all areas of Science & Technology!

Project Passenger Pigeon:

For inspiring us to take on this HUGE project to honor Martha and all biodiversity.

School District U-46 Laptop Mini-grant program:

Especially to Mrs. Jennifer Vincent for helping us secure 30 laptops and webinar equipment. We also need to thank our entire Informational Services Department for your continued Tech Support in our daunting project!

See more... "Partners" page


  • Biodiversity Teachin

    Sure, of course you can. The time difference may be a little bit challenging BUT your students can email our teacher questions for presenters and we will ask them on your behalf ( We are recording all of the presentations and loading them to youtube- so then your class can watch the sessions and also for the answer to their questions. Also, we are on twitter @NatBioTeach so we can communicate that way. Are you guys doing any projects now? We would love to learn what you guys are learning about biodiversity AND maybe you can host a Teach In for people in your time zone! We hope to hear from you soon!

  • Biodiversity Teachin

    Thank you so much! We are really excited about you returning. We have an even better line up this year.

  • Anne Saied

    We are on a half-day in Friday, but I sure would love to have access to the Jacques Cousteau webinar that is scheduled at 12:00. Will this be archived? If so, how do I access it? Phillipe came to our school – we still talk about it! Thank you so much – it meant so very much especially to the 4th Grade Science Teacher and her class. Looking forward to a reply.

  • Biodiversity Teachin

    Thank you Miss Shannon- that means so much to us! We hope that you signing up for some of our webinars!

  • Biodiversity Teachin

    Hi Ms Saied,

    You are welcome to register for a link to watch it yourself, we don’t require a class. But yes, we are also recording these and will have them loaded to our YouTube channel “National Biodiversity Teach In” . In fact, we have the webinars we had last year loaded there now.

  • Ani Smith

    This amazing program is opening the eyes of my 4th graders and ME! All your hard work is paying off! Thank you!!

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