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“This project is funded, in whole or in part, by a grant from the National Geographic Society Education Foundation.”

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The National Biodiversity Teach-In is a class project designed to raise awareness about BIODIVERSITY!

Our goal is to provide accurate information, great ideas,and links to professionals working in the field of biodiversity to 16,000 participants across the nation.

How did our class project arise?

In 2012 we met with organizers from  Project Passenger Pigeon and we learned that the passenger pigeon once numbered in the billions and in less than 40 years, the entire population was wiped out.The more we learned, the more passionate we became about the Passenger Pigeon and all biodiversity.

Last year’s Teach In

We had just over 8,000 participants from 5 countries (US, India, England, Germany and Canada)

Our participants were enrolled in public and private schools, public and private colleges, home-schooled, private citizens, conservation organization and grassroots heroes.

Please take a moment and look through our various links and ideas. We hope that you will decide to participate in our National Biodiversity Teach In.

This page is managed by Mrs. Perryman’s AP Environmental Science classes and Mrs. Trimble’s Environmental Science classes.


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