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OneLessStraw and Pangolin Awareness

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Carter and Olivia always wanted to create an organization that would educate their peers on various issues which is why they started One More Generation (OMG) back in 2009.  As they learned about animals around the world that need help, they would go to their friends and they quickly realized that most of them were also unaware of the issues.  As they started looking at ways they could make a positive impact, it became apparent that education was the missing link.  They found that when they educated others on various issues, they would always find people interested in helping.  The only thing holding them back up until that point was a lack of education about that particular subject.Now OMG creates various educational outreach programs for all the initiatives they get involved in.  Since starting OMG they created three main divisions within their organization.  Animal Conservation, Environmental Conservation andYouth Empowerment.  Each division’s goal is to provide the necessary education and tools the audience needs to be able to make informed decisions on the subject and to help them find easy to implement ways to get involved.The success of OMG can directly be contributed to the outreach programs Olivia and Carter have created and to the inspirational message they share with everyone “Anybody can make a difference… if we can, you can too”.For more information on the Division of One More Generation, check out our various

2016 Webinar Presentation: