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Dorie Stolley

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From parking lots to forests, birds are everywhere. But, how do you figure out what they are? I will give you six REALLY IMPORTANT tips on bird identification using images, stories, song, and poetry. That, and a field guide will get you started on the BEST adventures in birding.  After the webinar you can practice your newly learned skills almost anywhere!



Wild Bird Identification

February 23, 2018 @ 9AM CST

Last Year’s Webinar



Prep  For Webinar:

  • Spend time looking through a bird field guide or using a birding app. There are many out there. Pick your favorite, but NOT one that categorizes by plumage color. For a list of some of the best, with descriptions, go here:
  • Start making a list of birds that you see in your schoolyard, nearby park, or neighborhood.

Target Audience:

  • Late Elementary (grades 4-6, ages 9-12)
  • Middle School (grades 7-8, ages 13-14)