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February 10  @12PM CT

Studying Dolphins Up Close and Why it Matters

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Director of Research, Dolphin Research Center

Kelly Jaakkola is a cognitive psychologist, marine mammal scientist, and Director of Research for the Dolphin Research Center in Grassy Key, Florida. She earned her Master’s degree in Psychology from Emory University, where she began her career studying cognition in chimpanzees and human children, and received her Ph.D. in Cognitive Science from MIT. Her past research includes studies on number concepts, object permanence, imitation, and communication in dolphins, chimpanzees, and human children. Her current work focuses on dolphin cognition, communication and welfare.

Dr. Jaakkola’s research has been published in numerous international scientific journals and book chapters, and her work on dolphin cognition has received worldwide coverage in newspapers, magazine articles, books, and television. She has taught courses on human and animal cognition at several colleges, and chairs the Scientific Advisory Committee for the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums.

Organizations or websites affiliated with: Dolphin Research Center (www.dolphins.org)

Presentation Title: Studying Dolphins Up Close and Why it Matters

Can dolphins count? Do they really have names? And how do we know that, anyway? In this webinar, Dr. Jaakkola will talk about what we’ve learned from studying dolphins "up close and personal", and how this knowledge helps scientists correctly understand their behavior in the wild. We’ll discuss the major conservation threats to bottlenose dolphins (hint: it’s us!), and the role that dolphin facilities play in addressing these issues. Finally, we will talk about the ethical issues involved in doing research and housing dolphins in marine mammal facilities — including what their life is like, how long they live, training practices, and dolphin intelligence.

Target Audience: Middle school through adult