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Looking for a great way to give back to the environment… Start a garden club at your school!

The steps are easy to take, just a gather an eager group of environmentalists, or those willing to try something new, and head into the great outdoors.

The steps are easy:

  • Have a reliable adult sponsor the club, and alert the school of your intentions
  • Find an authorized, neglected tract of land near your school
  • Have an adult and trusted students survey the area and do an initial clean-up, removing and fallen branches, broken glass, and any other objects that would be detrimental to a healthy garden
  • Gather designated school club funds, fundraise, or ask for local community sponsorship
  • Gather seeds and gardening tools, and find an experienced gardener to aid in the process
  • Plant flowers, vegetables, and other plants that would flourish in your area
  • Do research on different techniques and tips for gardening
  • Overall, creating a nurturing environment to to form a strong bond with nature

 Tips for Gardening:

  • get rainwater bins and collect rainwater for the garden