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February 17th @11AM CT

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Gidon Eshel’s research focus can be best summarized with his own words- taken from his website.

“How to best allocate your limited resources, or what environmental investment yields the most impact minimization bang for the buck, are thus hard questions, whose answers vary widely from setting to setting, household to household, business to business. Inescapably, optimizing your impact minimization efforts requires calculations. You can’t simply Google for optimal choices, nor are generic recommendations (even those issued by well meaning, impartial not-for-profit organizations) likely to provide authoritative, pertinent guidance.”

What Dr. Eshel has discovered is revolutionary BUT oh so simple! Prior to Dr. Eshel’s presentation we highly recommend that your students have an understanding of Food Chains and Webs AND the Biomass Pyramid.

Dr. Eshel has both a Ph.D. and MA in Physical Oceanography from Columbia University and completed his undergraduate degree at Haifa University in Technion, Israel. His Postdoctoral  work was completed at the Center for Earth and Planetary Physics, Harvard University , under the direction of host, Brian F. Farrell,

Dr. Eshel has been a Radcliffe Fellowship, The Harvard University Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, as well as, a  PopTech Science and Public Leadership Fellow.  He was also selected the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research Climate and Global Change Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Dr. Eshel is currently a Research Professor of Environmental Science and Physics at Bard College in New York.  He is also the Senior Scientist for Northwest Research Associates of Redmond, Virginia.