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We have asked our webinar presenters to provide us with materials that they think will support you as the classroom teacher to prepare your students. These resources may be websites, videos, books, or research articles. As these resources become available we organize them by date and time of the presentation.

Classroom set up- on the day of the webinar

You will need a computer with internet access, a projector, a screen and we also recommend speakers.

Here are some pictures of how we set up our webinar sessions from past years.  We have done set ups in our school library so more teachers had access to them and also have set ups in individual classrooms.


I have registered & have my classroom set up figured out, what now?

One week prior to the webinar you will be sent a link and a password- keep this information handy for the day of the webinar. If you can  not find the link it most likely is in your spam folder- look for something from Elgin High School and/or Webinato.

Log-in is pretty easy from the link but does require a couple of steps so go ahead and make sure you can log in the day before the webinar. You will not be able to get into the virtual room until the appointed time (you can log in 2 or 3 minutes early)

If you  have trouble logging in DURING webinar time please contact Webinato directly.

If you have trouble logging in BEFORE webinar- email us ( so that we can make sure you are loaded into our system correctly. If we can help you- we will get Webinato”s  support team to help you.

ALSO- you may want to send the link to Webinato and ask your IT folks if they foresee any network or browser issues. We had 35,000 people participate last year and literally had very few issues. T here is a Webinato app- if you are interested. We have not tried it out but you are welcome to see if it will work for you.

During the webinar

Asking Questions:

Each presenter has been given the freedom to organize their webinar as they wish. Some presenters will not begin answering questions until near the end of the presentation. Some presenters will decide to answer your questions as they go. No matter what the presenter decides asking the questions is simple.

When you watch the webinar the initial screen is split into 3 sections- you will see the presenter live- you will see the presentation- and you will see the text box.

OmNovia q and A picture

To ask a question simply type the questions into the space provided and press send. It is just like sending a text message.

Here is a photo of one of our students typing in his question for filmmaker, Rick Wood.

There are other options like making the speaker and presentation full screen. I think you will find Webinato very easy to use.  Here is an overview of the video- keep in mind that it is a sales video but it does let you know what they offer.

You can also see the webinars we offered previosuly on our National Biodiversity Teach In YouTube channel   Just go to our “play list” link.

Additional Ideas:

  1. Many teachers have told us that the timing of the webinars does not work for them.  We have recorded past webinars and will be recording and uploading each webinar this year as well. To view them at your convenience just go to our  National Biodiversity Teach In YouTube channel. The only down side is that you will not be able to ask questions.

2. Create Cornell Notes for the session and then have your students participate in a Socratic session to go back and pick out the big ideas.

3. If you have access to multiple white boards in your room- clean them off and during the session record the big ideas or define vocabulary to foster discussion after the session.