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The WOW Behind the Facts in Nonfiction

February 14, 2017

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Lola M. Schaefer is the author of more than 260 books for children including picture books, easy readers, and school/library books. Awards include: The Charlotte Zolotow Honor Book; the Zena Sutherland Picture Book Award, and many state book awards. When Lola is not at home researching her next book or writing, you might find her offering a keynote or breakout session at a conference, or working side-by-side with student writers. To learn more, visit:

For this session, Lola will be discussing her research for LIFETIME and BECAUSE OF AN ACORN and the interesting facts she discovers when writing nonfiction about the natural world.

Title: The WOW Behind the Facts in Nonfiction

Lola will take students behind the scenes to explain how she researches the accurate facts for her nonfiction books about the natural world  From giraffes to seahorses, caribou to the Cumberland Plateau, students will learn WOW information from her investigations for LIFETIME and BECAUSE OF AN ACORN. Not everything an author discovers can be included in the final book. Learn how those decisions are made to maintain a focus and structure that highlights the chosen topic.