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Who: The National Biodiversity Teach-In has been designed by the Environmental Science students of Elgin High School in Elgin, Illinois. 

Environmental Science Program:

EHS has two levels of Environmental Science: Environmental Science 1-2 and AP Environmental Science.  Students may enroll in either class their Junior or Senior year and it counts as an elective.

Our Environmental Science program features a 40-acre Nature Trail and Outdoor classroom. The students preform labs and restoration work on the trail. In addition, these classes offer field trips for younger learners through out the district via the Chicago Wilderness program “Mighty Acorns”.

The EHS Environmental Science program has been recognized locally and on the state and national level. The program has been featured in two PBS Documentary Series; “Edens Lost and Found” and “Designing Healthy Communities”. The program has also been filmed, visited and filmed by several universities and natural resource organizations.

Elgin High School/ U-46:

Elgin High school is located northwest of Chicago and was established in 1869.

EHS is one of 5 high schools in School District U-46, which is the second largest school district in the state of Illinois (Chicago Public School is largest)

EHS serves approximately 2,400 students.

28 different languages are spoken at EHS

Nearly 80% of our students qualify for the federal “Free and Reduced Program” which means they are living at or below the poverty level.

Why: The National Biodiversity Teach-In is being organized to raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity. This project is also meant to raise awareness of the Passenger Pigeon and the fact that this bird species went extinct on September 1, 1914, over 100 years ago.

When: The Teach-In will take place on each Friday in February.


More Information?

Facebook: National Biodiversity Teach In

Twitter: @NatBioTeach


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