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As Easy As 1..2..3!

Conserve your water, electricity, and gas in every way you can! This can include changing your showerhead to a low-flow model, or even taking shorter showers. Switching lights off when not in use is another simple way of saving energy and lowering your utility bills!

Keep your vehicle in good shape! Vehicles that are well kept not only get better gas mileage, but they emit less air pollutants.
Planting a tree can help release more oxygen into the air, while absorbing carbon dioxide.
By using the microwave, toaster, or counter-top grill, you will save more energy, furthermore, save more money, rather than using the stove-top or oven.

Watering your lawn in the early morning or late evening is the best decision to make. At these times in the day, plants are able to absorb and retain more water, ultimately preventing more watering later on.
When washing your vehicle, use a bucket and sponge. Only use a hose for rinsing. Using a hose throughout the entirety of the wash allows water to run, which causes your water bill to rise.
Wash a full load of clothes. The average washer uses about 40 gallons of water per load! That’s a lot of water and money! If your washer has load size adjustments, make use of them.
Using less fertilizer helps prevent run-off that will end up polluting nearby streams and rivers.

Switching to LED lightbulbs might be slightly more expensive than your typical incandescent lightbulbs, however, they help bring down electricity bills, while conserving energy.
Unplug any electronic devices that are not being used! This includes TVs and phone chargers, which seem to be the biggest culprits.
Switch off any lights that are not in use. Such as: reading lamps, kitchen lights, and laundry room lights.

Remember, trashing ANY environment is harmful to the plants and animals that inhabit it, so just hold on to your trash until you find a trash bin!