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This is the third year Rick has presented during the National Biodiversity Teach In. He is an author (Nature Aware and Rough Cut:Lessons from Endangered Species) and filmmaker (Journey Home, Saving Sirenia, Fragile Waters and Deconstructing Eden). He is also a volunteer marine mammal stranding responder and on the Whatcom Marine Mammal Stranding Network Board of Directors. Rick is currently at work on his next book about global poaching and has traveled to China and Tanzania over the past year for research.

Six years of documentary film work introduced Rick to broken turtles, onerous otters, peculiar pinnipeds and woeful whales. Finding out what issues face endangered and threatened marine animals – and what we can do to help them – drives his work.

Rick Wood’s book: Rough Cut

“This year I hope to engage in a deeper dialog with students and educators,” Rick said. “I love telling stories, but I also like creative conversations.” The inspirations flow both ways.

The presentation will touch on sea turtles, manatees, killer whales, seals and sea lions, and sea otters. 

Rough Cuts is a webinar aimed at connecting the dots of ecology, conservation and activism. See, Learn, Plan and Act, as Rick says.

Viewers can expect to learn about pelagic plastics, legacy toxins, keystone species, ecosystem health, as well as outlooks for the future in a rapidly changing world. Through anecdotes from filming, hanging out with researchers and Rick’s own observations, he’ll convey the urgent (yet inspiring) messages of conservation and hope.

Key vocabulary terms include:

Keystone Species


Ecological Succession


Legacy Toxins


Anthropogenic Climate Change