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February 03

rick wood deconstructing eden

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Making documentary films as a hearing-impaired filmmaker has some unique challenges. Luckily for me whales, manatees, otters, seals and turtles all seemed to forgive my inability to hear them.
As a journalist for eight years, I covered natural disasters, crime, war, professional sports, celebrity news, politics and events of national importance. My work has been featured in several newspapers, magazines, radio, national news outlets and international news websites.

My true passion, wildlife photography, was a byproduct of trying to pick up the pieces of my health, which is affected greatly by Meniere’s Disease. It was while sitting on cold, wet stone-covered beaches in the Pacific Northwest, I learned about animals in their natural habitat. Red foxes, harbor seals, orca whales, bald eagles, Olympic marmots and snow geese became my physical therapists, as I spent hundreds of hours watching and following them in their daily lives. The end result was my first book, “Nature Aware,” published in 2012.

These days I am a champion of animal conservation causes, supporter of education and an advocate for the hearing-disabled.

“Fragile Waters,” (2014) a documentary about Southern resident orcas, won “Film of the Year” at Dolphin & Whale Film Festival 2015, in Dana Point, California. “Deconstructing Eden,” my current film, tackles the untold story of sea otters and sea lions imperiled in Northern California. “Amid Valor, Hope & Fish Breath,” my newest book, is due to be released in 2017 via Homeostasis Press.

At present, I am preparing for a month long expedition to East Africa where I hope to learn more about the endangered species in the Serengeti.



Suggested grade levels: 6-12+ Grade

About Rick’s latest book:

Documentary filmmaker Rick Wood shares the lessons he’s learned about endangered species in his newest book, part memoir, part scientific treatise, and all storytelling from the heart.  Amid Valor, Hope, and Fishbreath: Lessons Learned from Endangered Species will be published later this year by Homeostasis Press. You can find out about pre-orders and upcoming events by emailing Publisher Valerie Stein at books@homeostasipress.com.