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Water scarcity is a growing concern worldwide. Today, more and more  communities are trying to find new reliable water sources and better water conservation methods to conserve and preserve drinkable fresh water. Our class proposes looking at those water uses we dub as #waterstupid.

We find that our current system of dealing with storm water in the United States is #waterstupid. We are sending thousands of gallons of freshwater away from our communities instead of allowing the water infiltrate and recharge the groundwater. Flooding has also become a larger problem in many communities with flood events lasting longer and being worse due to storm events. Lastly, storm water picks up garbage and chemical pollutants that are later dumped into our surface waters,polluting them by way of our sewer systems. For these reasons our class declares storm water to be a increasing problem that the people of today are currently facing and the people of tomorrow will have to face. We should ask our communities to find planet friendly alternatives to improve these issues.
We want YOU to find and share water uses that you declare to be #waterstupid.