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During our research of the Passenger Pigeon we often wonder how a species can have a population in the billions and in 40 years there are none.  Think about it!

                                    from billions, to none

It’s unimaginable, right? No way could there be another proverbial Passenger Pigeon. 

But as we researched,  skyped and interacted with scientists we discovered that there are many species on the verge of the proverbial.  Extinction is a natural process but the current rate of extinction has accelerated . There are several reasons for this change and we have discussed a few on our “Treats to Biodiversity” page if you would like to investigate further. 


ACTION: Research the Monarch and use social media to share  all of the amazing facts you have learned (butterfly biology, conservation, migration, life cycle).  A great resource is the organization Monarch Watch. 

ACTION:  Plant milkweed and other native plants that provide food and shelter.

ACTION: Start a campaign to encourage other people within the Monarch Migration Route to also plant milkweed and other native plants.

ACTION: Start a campaign to encourage  farmers and highway departments to NOT mow roadsides and to plant milkweed and other native plants.

ACTION: Start an information campaign on the impact of pesticides on Monarchs and other pollinators.

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